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Our universe may have a twin that runs backward in time

What if there were twins in our world who go back in time? Although it seems wrong, scientists believe that the existence of Earth could vaguely explain a lot about the universe.

The "anti-universe" theory assumes that the early world was small, dense, and hot. It would have been similar to the days of looking at symmetrical double backs.

This theory can help solve the confusion of dark issues, thinking long to confuse. If our real world had twins going back in time, dark matter is essentially the only other source of matter called "neutrino" that could exist in two worlds.

The sentiment also suggests there was no time for “inflation” after the Big Bang, when the world was experiencing a major expansion. By tracking gravitational waves or clusters of neutrinos, scientists have been able to determine if this attack is real.

A new paper published in the Journal of the Annals of Physics attempts to better understand the earth's equations. Above all, this form assumes that symmetry does not apply to cosmic forces, but to the whole world. The fundamental edge symmetry is called CPT symmetry, where C is charged, P is parity, and T is time. As reported by Live Science, scientists have theorized that to control CPT symmetry in the world, we need a mirror image to control our balance.

Together, the two worlds follow the CPT symmetry. This means that there are invisible creatures that affect the earth by gravity...it looks like darkness.

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