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There’s A Good Chance You’ve Kissed This Woman Even Though She Died More Than 100 Years Ago

Do you know The Unknown of the Seine? Probably not. However, most likely, he kissed her directly in the mouth. Yes, read my lips.

In the 1880s, the body of a young woman who had drowned in the Seine in Paris was found. To this day, no one knows what happened to him, but at the time he predicted that he had committed suicide. Moreover, no one knew who he was at the time.

Unlike today, where it is easier to identify faces using the internet or newspapers, in 1881 French policemen usually took the body and placed it on the windowsill of a room cool, panting like something in a store window. This is usually the only way to get ID. And when someone knows the body, you can say something like "I'm going to take this body".

The observation deck was particularly popular with people at the time. "No window in Paris attracts more spectators than this", writes Unknown Paris (1893), trying to achieve this, not only by friends and family, but also by people who jump. The spooky spectacle is truly captivating, as the fun behind them is rare.

That said, no one is claiming that the girl can't think she's 16. He was buried in a grave in a ghetto, but before that someone stole something from him that would last for hundreds of years after his death. It was his face.

It is unclear why the doctor at the hospital decided to kill his mask. According to popular stories, she appreciates her beauty which she cannot help.

However, when I was expelled, it was a strange result. Upon removal from the museum, copies were sold to the public. Obviously, people can't fully understand the face of this dead girl (unlike Evelyn McHale, who jumped off to inspect the deck of the Empire State Building in 1947). He wrote as L'Inconnue de la Seine and was popular with artists and writers for his background and how he was killed, or how he drowned and was personally killed. Before long, the mask became a must-have for everyone, even if it was the face of a corpse.

There are also horror stories based on the Death Masks that have killed many people. But fate has become another way.

After being patient with her face for many years, in 1950 a toy designer named Asmind S. Laerdal modeled the face of a doll named Anne. 

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